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  • Introduction

    Take Your Breath. Everywhere.

    AioCare keeps track of your pulmonary condition, with our platform created to keep a detailed log of your past measurement history, and algorithm to analyze each and every result with the lowest error margins possible.

    AioCare is a personal, connected, handheld spirometer with dedicated mobile application.

  • What is this

    ultraportable spirometer which connects to your smartphone

    AioCare is the result of hard work produced by the dedicated project team, which has extensive experience in the field of telemedicine and mobile solutions. The project is a combination of several technological advancements and proprietary solutions, with the outcome to deliver a user-friendly mobile spirometer.

    AioCare allows users to study and track their respiratory parameters while storing their logged history on a compatible smartphone application. AioCare is an innovation to the classic spirometer used currently in outpatient clinics and hospital settings only by qualified medical professionals.

  • How it works

    Connect and breath!

    The device is paired with a mobile application, which will allow users to have an in-home spirometer at their disposal, tracking their results, and ultimately will enable them to eliminate severe hospitalizations due to acute and chronic exacerbations.

    The internal framework of AioCare allows for rapid analysis of respiratory parameters, either in a clinical setting, during a home visit, as well as by the patient. This device is equivalent to that of a spirometer used in the hospital, as it has all the required functions. The device is intended for use with a specific mobile application that uses a proprietary algorithm. The application analyzes the results, and shows the appropriate parameters at a glance.

Take your breath

The real health problem

  • Asthma

    300 million people suffering from asthma worldwide
  • COPD

    210 million people suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease worldwide

AioCare is the answer to the problem. The ultraportable spirometer which connects to your smartphone. 

Key Features

Meet our device and check a few key features

Our device encompasses all of the most important and widely used spirometry parameters.

FVC-Forced vital capacity, FEV1-volume of air that can forcibly be blown out in one second, after full inspiration,
PEF-Peak expiratory flow, FEF-Forced expiratory flow, FEV1/FVC (FEV1%)-the ratio of FEV1 to FVC and many more.

  • fvc
  • fev1
  • fev1%
  • pef
  • FEF25-75
  • more+


  • Hi-precision flow sensor
  • Full spirometry analysis
  • Exhale/Inhale measurement
  • Real time measurement
  • Temperature sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • HeartRate sensor
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Connection
  • NFC Charging System
  • Position Control System
  • Long-life Battery

About Us

Meet our core team

Management Board

  • Łukasz Kołtowski PhD, MD

    CEO / Founding Partner

    Cardiologist, investigator and mobile health specialist working in the medical field and innovative telemedical projects. He obtained his medical diploma and PhD in Medicine from the Medical University of Warsaw (Poland). He also earned Bachelors of Arts in Business and Administration from Koźmiński University (Poland). He gained his work experience at various hospitals in Warsaw (Poland), Oxford and London (UK), Lawton (USA) and Cologne (Germany). Since 2010 he has been working at the 1st Department of Cardiology at the Medical University of Warsaw, where he is involved in cardiovascular medical research and scientific projects. In 2015 he became the Fellow of the European Cardiac Society (FESC).

  • Piotr Bajtała

    COO / Founding Partner

    Creative, mobile enthusiast, innovator, entrepreneur who specializes in conceptual and creative thinking, digital design and mobile technologies. He has 12-years of experience in mobile and digital, advertising industry. He worked as a Design Director of a 55-person digital&mobile department in the leading creative agency providing cutting edge technology projects to large global clients. Before this for 7-years he worked as an Art Director and also as a Head of Mobile in global creative agency. He has created and developed mobile and digital projects for such clients as Samsung, Nutricia, Polpharma, Nivea, HBO, Danone, Unilever, T-mobile, and Redbull.

Board of Directors

  • Axel Polack, PhD, MD

    Chairman of the Board

    General Partner JPIF - Joint Polish Investment Fund. Venture capital professional with 15 years of experience in European and US Venture Capital (TVM Capital) Tech transfer specialist: founding CEO of Ascension Distinct scientific career in molecular medicine with over 50 publication. European Advisor to PDL Biopharma, a public company (NASDAQ: PDLI) seeking to invest in new income generating assets and companies.

  • Gerhard Scheuch, PhD

    Member of the Board

    Bio Physicist with many years of experience in Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery. Involved in different Pharmaceutical Developments in Inhalation Therapy. Regulatory Expert at EMA and serving on different scientific advisory boards of big Pharma Companies. President of International Society of Aerosols in Medicine (ISAM).

  • Tomasz Szymański

    Member of the Board

    Founder Beginning | creative collaboration agency. The entrepreneur leading the project under the intersectoral cooperation and inter-assuming creating project groups with the objectives and abroad existence, which is always a solution. He has worked on building the innovation or business model, among others, for MediaCom Warsaw, Group HANDS, Group FUTU, as well as marketing for Procter & Gamble, ING Bank, Ford, British American Tobacco.

+10 Employees

From healthcare practitioners with years of relevant clinical experience to scientist, engineers, developers, designers, project managers and experts who put excellence and quality above all else, they are also passionate and determined to deliver true medical device.

We understand health and have the credentials to get the job done.

Our Investors & Partners

Our Advisors


what’s new

  • Awards

    CEO, Dr. Lukasz Koltowski named one of 2016’s Innovators Under 35 Poland by the MIT
    Technology Review

    Award reflects innovative thinking behind AioCare, the world’s smallest smart spirometer for respiratory and cardiovascular monitoring MIT Technology review for his innovative project digital health product AioCare. The award showcases the most talented young innovators in Poland who are making major breakthroughs in their respective fields.

    Dr. Lukasz Koltowski, co-founder and CEO of HealthUp, said: “I’m pleased that the innovative thinking that led to the development of AioCare has been recognized by the jury and I would like to thank the entire HealthUp team for their support in making this ground breaking product a reality. This award reflects the MIT Technology review’s appreciation of the potential of our unique technology that will improve the overall disease management of patients with COPD and asthma. HealthUp is excited by this award, which will provide us with an international platform to pitch ideas, access investors and pursue new opportunities.”

  • Investments

    AioCare got funding!

    We’re excited to announce the investment agreement was signed!
    AioCare raised a $1.1 million (PLN 4,3 million) from Joint Polish Investments Fund
    on the development and commercialization of the product.

    Take Your Breath. Everywhere.

  • Company

    Introduce Gerhard Scheuch, PhD

    We have the pleasure to announce that we welcome on board a new member of the Supervisory Board, Dr.Gerhard Scheuch. Bio Physicist with many years of experience in Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery. President of International Society of Aerosols in Medicine (ISAM). Founder and CEO of Activaero a drug development company until acquisition by Vectura Group plc in March 2014. Specialties: Pulmonary deposition of inhaled aerosols, in vitro, in vivo correlation. Deposition measurements and modelling. Inhalation Product development.

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