Intuitive app. Easy-to-use device.

Individual therapy tailored to your needs

Limited access to specialist doctors and to the appropriate medical equipment means that nearly 2/3 of patients are incorrectly diagnosed at the first symptoms of pulmonary disease. AioCare allows you to detect deterioration in your health at the exact moment you feel unwell. Just use the portable spirometer and the AioCare app, and your doctor will see the results immediately in AioCare Panel and make the right treatment decisions quickly.
AioCare is the answer.

Why AioCare?

Confirmed quality
A cutting edge, class IIa medical device (MDD), certified
by the notified body TUV Nord. GDPR compliant.
User friendly
A small, portable spirometer that can be taken anywhere.
The intuitive interface makes running spirometry tests easy.
High accuracy
Test results as accurate as those conducted with medical equipment available in doctor’s clinics and medical centres.
Warranty and support
2-year warranty and customer support line.
How it works?

AioCare - mobile spirometry system

  • 1
    Buy AioCare
    Buy the device and download
    the app to your phone or tablet.
  • 2
    Pair the AioCare
    with your mobile device.
  • 3
    Perform the test
    Follow the app instructions
    to perform the test.
  • 4
    The result
    Results and feedback instantly available. You can consult the results with your doctor or relatives via the app.

Easy-to-use everyday monitoring device

User friendly
Test results always at your fingertips,
stored on your phone
Disease under control
Monitor your health and avoid unexpected aggravation of the disease
Immediate result
Easily distinguish between feeling unwell
from an asthma or a CODP attack
Better treatment
Regular monitoring will help your doctor better adjust the dosage of your medicine
Look after your loved ones
Optionally, monitor the health condition
of two relatives for free
Available from App Store and Google Play
Manage your disease better

A mobile app which fits your needs best

Reach out for an app that is ideal for self-monitoring. Use the digital diary to record symptoms and accurately measure lung function with the portable AioCare spirometer.

By upgrading to AioCare Patient Plus plan, you get access to asthma self-management features, including a digital Asthma Action Plan, encrypted connection with your doctor & care team, as well as secure health cloud storage.

AioCare Patient
A basic plan for asthma self-monitoring, a digital diary to record symptoms and lung function data.
Device price: 299
+ subscription: Free
You receive:
Spirometry test
Peak flow test
Pulse oximeter (pulse measurement, saturation)
Disease diary
Access to test results from the last 7 days
AioCare Patient Plus
Purchase a spirometer with a 2-year subscription to Patient Plus and get 6 months for free. Upgrade to self-management with AioCare Plus plan. Have your physician set up your Asthma Action Plan and let AioCare help you to follow it best you can. Get access to new features in your app.
Device price: 449
+ subscription: 24 months included
You receive:
Full access to measurement modules (spirometry, peak flow test, pulse oximetry)
In app chat with your physician
Export examination report (PDF)
Unlimited access to measurement results
Access to statistics from performed examinations
Meet AioCare

Tests have never been simpler and more convenient.

Full spirometry
AioCare registers inspiratory
and expiratory flow volume curves and displays key parameters
High accuracy
The device meets the ERS and ATS expiratory flow volume curves criteria. It is also a class IIa medical device (MDD), compliant with ISO 26782:2009 and ISO 23747:2015 standards
Simple solution
No expensive software
or integration with IT systems required. Wireless connection.
Technical parameters
The device encompasses all the most important and widely use spirometry parameters. The respiratory parameters
that can be measured by AioCare include:
FVC (FVC%, Pred, Perc.)
FEV1 (FEV1%, Pred., Perc.)
FEV1/FVC Ratio (%, Pred., Perc.)
PEF (PEF%, Pred.)
FEF 25-75

What AioCare users say

"I have been suffering from asthma for several years. I use AioCare whenever something troubling happens to my breathing. Thanks to that I can easily distinguish an asthma seizure from a simple infection. I don't need to use the inhaled medication right away."
Patient with asthma
Bialystok, Poland
"We have distributed the AioCare device to more than 400 GPs in Poland, because it allows a faster and easier COPD diagnosis. It is a breakthrough in the fight against a disease that often goes undiagnosed."
Dorota Bojańczyk
Senior Product Manager Polpharma
Warsaw, Poland
"Thanks to AioCare, I’ve learned how to cope with my disease. I monitor my condition almost daily. I observe the symptoms and compare them with the results. Thanks to that I have learned to predict the approaching worsening of my condition."
Betatester AioCare
Stockholm, Sweden
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Buy AioCare

Look after yourself and your loved ones

Buy Aiocare Patient Plus to the end of May 2020, and you will be able to set up
two additional patient profiles for your relatives.

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