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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The data administrator of website (referred to as the „Website”) is 1 HealthUp Sp. z o. o. with its registered office in Warsaw at the street Smolna 4 (00-375 Warszawa) registered in the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000520152, with share capital of 9 000,00 PLN (fully paid), NIP 5252593396, statistical identification number Regon: 147381608, e-mail: [email protected]



What do we mean by “cookies”?

Cookie files are transferred to search engines and then stored in the memory of devices and read by the server during each connection to the Website. The files do not contain any data that would allow any third psarty for discovering Your personal data nor make contact with You, e.g. via email or phone. Storage of the cookie files does not allow us or any third party for having access to your private device.

What kind of cookie files do we process?

Technical cookies – these files enable proper communication transmission and storage of Your settings if You choose the option in the Website and/or allow us to prepare simple statistics on the number of the Website displays/uses.

We use other cookies, including Google Analytics ( ) and and Facebook pixel. It is an analytical tool that helps you measure the effectiveness of ads. Please read this
from .

How can I disable cookies?

By means of Your search engine (browser) settings You can decide whether cookie files are to be processed or not. If You do not want the cookie files to be processed, You need to disable the processing by choosing an appropriate option in privacy settings of Your search engine (browser).

If you disable the processing of cookie files, it will not affect the way the Website is displayed.


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