AioCare system could be successfully applied in primary healthcare Centers.

The role of spirometry in diagnosing and monitoring chronic obstructive airway diseases is crucial. According to WHO, the demonstration of irreversible airway obstruction is essential for diagnosing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which is the third leading cause of death worldwide.
It is estimated that up to 67–81% of patients with COPD remain undiagnosed.
Mobile phone-linked spirometers can be used almost anywhere – at small primary healthcare centers or even at the patient’s home. Improved access to these tools could lead to earlier diagnosis of COPD and asthma, resulting in earlier therapeutic intervention and suppression of disease progression.
In cooperation with the Medical University of Warsaw, we have made a study that demonstrated that the AioCare system could be successfully applied in primary healthcare centers that do not have access to a lung function laboratory across all regions of Poland.
We have performed 10,936 examinations in 9855 patients.
Airway obstruction was found in 17% of correctly performed spirometry examinations, whereas the prevalence of airway obstruction among smokers >40 years was almost 27%.
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