Are the patients able to perform the home spirometry with AioCare?

The Journal of Asthma published the results of a study that assessed asthma patients and their ability to perform high-quality daily spirometry with the AioCare system. The study has shown that home spirometry is safe without supervision and feasible for asthma patients.

 Self-management is an appealing strategy for the prevention of asthma exacerbations. This study aimed to evaluate the feasibility and safety of a portable spirometer for unsupervised home spirometry measurements among patients with asthma.

Methods: A multi-center, prospective, single-arm, open study recruited 86 patients with controlled or partly controlled asthma (41 women, 38.6 ± 10.4 y/o and 45 men, 36.2 ± 12.1 y/o). After a training session, patients performed daily spirometry at home with the AioCare® mobile spirometry system. Each spirometry examination was recorded and evaluated according to the ATS/ERS acceptability and repeatability criteria. The primary endpoint was defined as three or more acceptable examinations in any given seven-day period (+/- 1 day) during any of the three weeks of the study. The system allowed for an online review of measurements by physicians/nurses to provide feedback to patients.

Results: Of 78 patients with complete data, 67 (86%) achieved the primary endpoint. Seventy-five (96%) participants used the device correctly once or more, and 10 (13%) patients succeeded every single day over the three-week follow-up. The rate of acceptable spirometry examinations differed between the sites (p = 0.013). Retraining was required in 20 of 62 (32%) eligible patients, and successful in 8 individuals (40%). Satisfaction with the AioCare® system was high, 90% of respondents perceived it as useful and user-friendly.

Conclusions: Self-monitoring of asthma with a connected mobile spirometer is feasible, safe, and satisfactory for patients with asthma. It remains to be established whether unsupervised home spirometry measurements may improve early diagnosis and outcomes of self-management in cases of exacerbation or loss of asthma control.

This study aimed to evaluate the ability of patients with asthma to perform high-quality daily spirometry examinations at home with using the AioCare® mobile spirometry system. The study showed that unsupervised home spirometry is safe and feasible in patients with asthma. Most patients used the device on most days of the study, and nearly 90% of all patients achieved the primary endpoint. There were no device-related adverse events.

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